Many men prefer to use an electric shaver instead of a manual razor

Electric shaver, also known as an electric razor, is an electrically operated razor used for cutting and shaving purposes. Many men prefer to use an electric shaver instead of a manual razor as it saves this time, your face will not leave shame in white cloth stuck scratches and bleeding cuts or chips. It has an advantage; a new electric shaver lasts year the way you can save electric silver razors. So, there is no need to buy weekly or sparkling razor products. The electric shaver can be operated using both batteries and main electrical supply.

Rechargeable Electric Shavers

These batteries are rechargeable and are potted in razor’s case. Formerly, batteries installed in razors comprised of nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride. Now, Modern electric shavers use Lithium-ion battery which not only modernizes electric shavers but also have advantages over other electric razors that were being used in the past. These Lithium-ion batteries have the capability of holding more charge in less time and in this way it does suffer from memory effect. Lithium-ion batteries have more energy density and low self-discharge. So it can be used for longer period with less charging.

Recharging of batteries:

Numerous methods are in use for the sake of recharging electric shavers’ batteries. Many shavers have batteries sealed inside its case, and a chord is attached to the shaver with a plug on its one end. This wire is plugged into the wall for recharging of the battery. The best electric shavers are being designed to be plugged directly to the wall. The devices have pop-up plug and can be attached directly into main supply. Some electric shaver also has an external recharging device. This device is plugged into main supply, and electric shaver is placed on this device. Some modern electric shavers also use disposable and removable electric batteries. This electric shaver is marketed as traveler’s shaver, and it provides an option for those who love to travel all the time and also to look presentable. So, for this kind of electric shaver, you have to take more than one battery, and you don’t need a recharging device. Whenever a battery is discharged completely, it should be replaced with another one. These electric shavers provide an option of portable batteries.


Electric shavers are used to shave beard and head. In this way, Electric shaver saves your time and money as you don’t need to go to barber’s shop.

Electric shavers can be used to trim mustaches, beard, sideburns and facial hair.

Electrical shavers not only used for shaving purposes but also helps you to get desired beard and hairstyle using a comb.

Electric razor permits a person to groom his hair at a faster rate with less trouble on the instances when he feels sluggish.


Electric shaver does not require a conventional way of shaving. You do not need to spread a lot of foam on your face and sprinkle water. Simply switch on the electric shaver and shave within no time.

Electric shavers save your time as it does not require before and after shave axillaries like foam, towel, lotion, etc.

Electric shaver facilitates you with an option that you can carry it with yourself. Recharge the electric shaver punctually and get its benefit at any time and place you want to use it.

You don’t need to be a master to handle your electric shaver and need not hesitate in using it. Electric shaver saves you from getting scratches and cut on your face which obviously does not look good as a gentleman.


Electric shaver does not give you super smooth look because it does not cut hair as deep as manual razors.

Electric shavers have built-in circuitry and battery so you cannot use electric shavers on the wet face otherwise you may get an electric shock.

Some old models of electric shavers are bit noisy as well, and they a create sense of irritation, but recent shavers have minimized this noise.

Even though electric shavers save your repetitive expense but the initial cost of good quality electric shavers is very high.

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